June 4, 2012 @ 10:02 AM


Hi guys,

I'm back in action again this week after feeling ill last week.  Thanks for all of your well wishes.  After any illness, travel or change of routine, the hardest part is getting back into your fitness routine again.  I find that the best way of doing so is to integrate cardio into my workout, which is what Free-B #5 is all about. 

There are 4 different exercises that focus primarily on the core and you will alternate each exercise with a jump rope technique. If you don't have a jump rope, then you can always make your own jump rope at home.  As always, I show beginner modifications at the end of the workout and if these moves are still too difficult, then you'll love my Thursday Free-B EASY workout.

Always remember to warm-up and stretch afterwards, and remember... Be Positive!


Bernadette Abraham
Your Fitness Professional



Neither Bernadette nor anyone associated with BernaciseMe.com will be held responsible or liable for any injury sustained while performing these exercises. Always consult with a physician before starting an exercise program.