June 14, 2012 @ 9:23 AM


Hi guys,

My volunteer for today's workout fell sick, so I'm the one taking you through Free-B EASY #4.  Hopefully Emily be well enough to do the next one next week.

There are 6 exercises that target all of the major muscle groups including core and cardio.  So this is a very effective workout but still easy enough for a beginner to do on their own at home.  As I show you in the video, if you don't have weights, you can use whatever you have at home that can provide resistance - just be creative! The goal is to  perform as many repetitions as you can during the 30-second intervals and complete 3 rounds of the entire circuit.  Do the best that you can.  If you can only do 1 round for now, that is fine.  With time and effort, you will gain enough strength to complete all 3 rounds.

Always remember to warm-up and stretch afterwards, and remember... Be Positive!


Bernadette Abraham
Your Fitness Professional



Neither Bernadette nor anyone associated with BernaciseMe.com will be held responsible or liable for any injury sustained while performing these exercises. Always consult with a physician before starting an exercise program.